Senior UX Engineer

Experience level
5+ Years
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Who are we looking for

Are you in love with technology in every aspect of its shape? Do you think that a correct design approach will help develop a great Experience for users? If your secret dream is to join a team able to apply a solid design mindset to new technologies to offer better and better experiences to your users, then this job opening may be suitable for you.

What will you do?

A UX Engineer is a technology advisor and a prototyper with strong knowledge in UX design, whose goals/aim is to help UX teams to design better user experiences and support clients’ dev teams to correctly understand and prioritise product development, to maintain a high end-to-end quality product.

You will work both with Sketchin and in client’s teams, acting “like glue” that holds together all the stakeholders, whose goals are to deliver the best products or service to their users

Which responsibilities will you have?

  • Technology advisor for UX Teams and Stakeholders, to add value through all the phases of the design and implementation phases
  • Advanced prototyping, to test new concepts and assist the final implementations of digital projects
  • Delivering Mockups and Design Libraries
  • Dev team / IT empowerment and QA
  • Lead system integrator stakeholders
  • Research and development of cutting-edge technologies and new platforms to verify the feasibility of design solutions

We would like you to have the following competencies and personal attitudes

  • Proven experience of executing projects in multidisciplinary teams
  • Minimum of 5+ years of industry experience in development responsive web app and websites (we use React with ES6)
  • Good background in Interaction design
  • Portfolio showcasing design and technology solutions and strategic approaches
  • Ability to design and build a Design Library
  • Knowledge of Sketch or Figma
  • Ability to understand the impact of design on technology deliverables
  • Ability to deliver project estimations
  • Strong knowledge of supplemental techs such as Git and Bash
  • Ability to present your work to other teams and stakeholders

What might be appreciated?

  • Expert knowledge of javascript ES6 and Typescript
  • Previous experience using PostCSS and Styled components
  • Unit and integration testing
  • Knowledge of Agile principles, values and methodologies
  • A personal project to show us

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