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A hi-tech basecamp for the Galápagos

Silversea redesigns the experience of traveling in the Galápagos on board the "Silver Origin", through an immersive experience that involves the passengers and makes them feel the uniqueness of the cruise.

Silversea redesigns the experience of traveling in the Galápagos on board the "Silver Origin", through an immersive experience that involves the passengers and makes them feel the uniqueness of the cruise.


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Silver Origin Basecamp Interactive Space

Silversea asked Sketchin to shape the contents, interactions and spatial attributes of the Basecamp, the most exclusive feature of the Silver Origin vessel. On board of Its newest and elegant cruise ship, specifically designed for the Galápagos, the Basecamp is an interactive space designed to enhance the experience of both guests and guides. 


The Silver Origin passengers can dive deep into the Galápagos Islands through immersive videos created with exclusive contents only available on board. Guests can play with the stories on the totem, see the insights they want to learn more about on the Ledwall and become familiar with the itinerary on the Geowall, a unique work of art specially designed and created for the Silver Origin.

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Designing for uniqueness

From concept to installation through an evolutive approach: the development of the strategy and consolidation of the project idea aimed to delight the guests discovering the most unusual and untouched aspects of the Galapagos and listen to the voice of the inhabitants with memorable stories and facts.

The definition of the concept led to an immersive interaction among different types of technological supports (Ledwall, Totem and Geowall) creating a single extremely contextual of cruise experience, day by day, moment by moment.

Unveiling different perspectives

Four Design Intentions shaped the heart of the Silver Origin to welcome, inform, inspire and challenge guests to make the best out of their cruise journey.

A lasting impression through relevance and beauty
The orchestrated variety of technologies, images and sounds gives life to a spectacular immersive experience, making the cruise last a lifetime.

Inspiring contents, entertainment & advanced services
Exclusive contents offered from different perspectives allow guests to discover rich details of rare natural phenomena and trigger their curiosity during expeditions. Interactive videos, lectures and entertaining services such as photo contests blend seamlessly into the guests’ cruise experience, complementing it with fun moments.

A working tool for Silversea Guides
Guides are the real stars supporting the guests’ cruise experience. The Basecamp provides them with interactive materials, immersive briefings and lecture experiences that trigger a new conversation with guests, eventually offering them a more equipped stage where to shine from.

A replicable expression of the brand uniqueness
The Basecamp experience is made of a coherent system of graphic symbols, interaction patterns and service attitudes that convey the unique elegance of the Silversea brand. This makes it scalable and replicable aboard other Silversea vessels.

The Ledwall & the Totem

The Basecamp exploits highly technological solutions to trigger unexpected sorts of gestures and behaviours. The Totem and Ledwall are intimately connected in a seamless transition, with interactive curtain and bumper videos to make the user feel two elements as a unique device.

The guest will be surprised to see an animal jumping out of the totem and coming back in the Ledwall big screen, discovering the hidden details of the surrounding archipelago through detailed pages regarding nature, wildlife and local stories. 

The Basecamp totem is designed to allow both self browsing and browsing assisted by naturalists.The Silver Origin passengers can dive deep into the Galápagos Islands through interactive videos created with exclusive contents no one else in the world can see. 

A series of contextual loop modes will entertain guests along their journey, day by day, moment by moment.

The contents will strike and inspire them every time they walk in front of the Basecamp.

The Geowall

Combining physical and digital - art and functionality, the Geowall is a decorative element as well as a tool that helps guests become familiar with the itinerary and supports naturalists in their explanations during lectures or at any time during the cruise. 

The choice of the materials has followed an ethical and sustainable approach: Paperstone®, a luxury material created from recycled paper and non-petroleum resin; and Green Cast®, the world’s first and only 100% recycled cast acrylic sheet, with colors that perfectly recall the ship’s interior design.

A unique work of art, specially designed and crafted for the Silver Origin

The Geowall is based on retroilluminated 3D islands and engraved sea bathymetric lines.

From the first insight to the last pixel

Research activities spanned from technology research, inspirational research, service safari, observation, behavior research to ergonomy and spatial interaction, with interviews to the main stakeholders in 4 countries (Ecuador, USA, France and Italy), and co-design sessions.

All contents have been envisioned and written together with Silversea naturalists. Silversea photographers have also provided precious images and videos. With the aim of pursuing different perspectives, we collected unique drone footage of animals and islands, thanks to a special authorization by the Galàpagos National Park.

The large dimensions of spaces and artifacts made the prototyping activities particularly challenging but also fun, giving us the chance of exploring and testing solutions in-house before installing them on-site.

Attention for details and overall consistency have been the two main drivers to make sure everything was ready by the time the ship had to leave Rotterdam’s Port.

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The Basecamp is all about unveiling unique and different perspectives to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on Earth at its best. It welcomes, informs, inspires and challenges the guests to interact, making their cruise journey in the Galàpagos unforgettable.

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