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A new way of buying and selling a house

Bee the City is the new service powered by Cerved that helps customers and real estate agents better navigate all the phases of the purchase and sale process.

Bee the City is the new service powered by Cerved that helps customers and real estate agents better navigate all the phases of the purchase and sale process.







A data-driven new venture

In order to expand and diversify its business, Cerved decided to expand its presence into the real estate market with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the experience of buying and selling a house. We guided them in the ideation and development of a one-of-a-kind product that allows Cerved to leverage its massive information assets.


In partnership with Vidiemme, we designed and developed an app which, thanks to a cloud console, is able to connect sellers and buyers, while providing them with customized services that simplify the process of monitoring the sale and purchase of houses, which are organized according to the neighbourhoods.

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Exploring new businesses: from concept to launch

Starting a new business is a strategic, complex and time-sensitive activity. In order to deliver the highest value in the shortest possible time, we aimed at minimizing the release time for a Minimum Viable Product. 

We supported Cerved in starting this new venture throughout all phases of the project, from the business model definition to the product launch on the market.

End-to-end product management

From design to development, from testing to release, we managed all end-to-end processes with a lean and agile approach. We immediately tested the app releases, thus allowing Cerved stakeholders to continuously evolve their services, while ensuring clear communication, seamless hand-offs and detailed documentations.

As a result of our technical, aesthetical and usability knowledge, we were able to lead and manage every stage of the design and development while taking into account every aspect of the product.

User-centered design

The product has been designed and developed following a Human-Centered Design approach, where technology is at the service of users without invading or disturbing the content exploration. 

Alongside all the stakeholders involved, we defined the vision and the experience principles for the new business line, to guide the design of a product that breaks down the barriers between users and content exploration. Control, transparency, inclusion, trust, respect and recognition were the identified guidelines for the design of the app.

The main features designed include:

  • Quick and intuitive profiling and onboarding: the system provides a list of selected houses, customized according to the user’s needs in terms of family members and house must-haves.
  • Swipe to explore: content exploration is made simple, thanks to familiar gestures such as swipe to view.
  • Built-in messaging system: communication between sellers and buyers is fast and easy, and requires no exchanges of personal data, in order to avoid privacy concerns and keep messages secure.
  • Interest and purchase negotiation tracking: thanks to a house tracking system, buyers and sellers always have the progress of property negotiations under control.

A unique and consistent brand experience

We created a design system with more than 400 elements to ensure coherence to the digital visual language of Bee the City and to coordinate the brand identity across platforms. The library is available across multiple design softwares. 

Additionally, we produced a customized set of illustrations and icons that make Bee the City’s visual identity unique, consistent and easy to reproduce for all the design streams involved.

By focusing on the enhancement and processing of the large amount of data available, it was possible to conceive and design an innovative product that enables Cerved to create a digital valuable experience for agencies and private sellers.

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