Senior Service Designer

Rome, Lugano
Experience level
5+ Years
Job Type

Who are we looking for?

A professional capable of defining and designing experiences with products and services (both physical and digital). We are looking for a person with cross-functional skills who is able to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, facilitate workshops, define service models, requirements and design strategies. We are looking for a person willing to face new design challenges in different industries and who is collaborative and open to work with other skills.

The role includes operational responsibilities as well as the ability to autonomously manage one’s tasks within a multidisciplinary team with different levels of experience. A strong aptitude towards teamwork, constant dialogue with other senior figures and the predisposition to lead junior figures are required.

This job is for you if you are willing to challenge and improve yourself as a designer, while always aiming for the highest quality and working in synergy within multi-disciplinary teams.

What will you do?

You will be involved in projects that will range from the definition of new experiences, to envisioning and evolving products and services, working with different customers and industries that will require your vertical experience in unexpected and stimulating contexts, often outside your comfort zone.

You will apply your service design skills to every stage of the project, from research to delivery. You will have the opportunity to use and cultivate your T-shaped profile – in a vertically, with your service design skills, and horizontally with design skills in a broader sense – to bring widespread value to the projects in which you will be involved.

How will you contribute?

You will work within a multidisciplinary team following lean and agile practices. Each team is led by a Design Director and works on specific projects. As part of the design team, you will be autonomous in making operational decisions together with your teammates and you will be responsible for the work you will deliver as a team.

Which responsibilities will you have?

  1. Planning and conducting research activities in collaboration with the team (e.g. user research, benchmark, ethnographic research, etc.)
  2. Analyzing research data and generating useful insights to structure the design vision
  3. Planning, designing the tools for and facilitating workshops and collaborative activities with different types and categories of stakeholders
  4. Selecting and using the best design tools for the specific purposes of the project (e.g. system map, stakeholder map, customer journey, service blueprint, scenarios, storyboard)
  5. Planning and conducting user testing activities for products and services
  6. Creating presentations and design strategy documents to illustrate design choices
  7. Knowing how to expose rationales and design choices to the client directly and through dedicated documents (presentations, journeys, etc.)
  8. Clearly identifying and pursuing the team and project goals
  9. Managing specific tasks independently and ensuring the quality of the work
  10. Collaborating with other multidisciplinary figures to achieve the project objectives
  11. Supporting any Junior figures
  12. Collaborating and interacting with the various project stakeholders
  13. Being proactive in improving yourself and striving for personal and group excellence

What is needed to be selected?

  • 5+ years of experience in service design
  • Proven experience of executing projects in multidisciplinary teams
  • Ability to develop service solutions, ecosystems of touchpoints, concepts and envisioning scenarios
  • Experience in designing services for complex and cross-touchpoint projects
  • Consolidated experience in softwares such as Keynote, Microsoft suite, Adobe suite, Sketch / Figma or similar
  • Consolidated experience in the creation and analysis of questionnaires with tools such as Survey Monkey or similar
  • Strong experience in research activities (qualitative interviews, field research, surveys, co-design workshops, etc.)
  • Ability to create research deliverables (Personas, Customer Journeys, Storyboards, User Scenarios, etc.), to identify research insights, to carry out benchmarks and / or trend analysis activities
  • Ability to map experiences related to existing products or services, or to be designed from scratch (Experience Maps, Customer Journeys, etc.)
  • Experience in accompanying the client in understanding insights through context analysis (qualitative and quantitative, benchmarking, etc.) aimed at improving the Customer Experience
  • Collection of user and business requirements and their formalization in dedicated documents
  • Experience in facilitating and conducting workshops with customers and stakeholders
  • Experience in validation and testing activities for the definition and evolution of design solutions
  • Ability to understand the impacts of technology on design results, curiosity for new technologies and digital transformation
  • Good communication skills, both written and spoken, with a natural ability to build and maintain reliable relationships with clients, internal departments and all parties interested and involved in the projects
  • Consolidated experience in the practice of the design thinking methodology
  • Fluency in Italian (oral and written understanding and expression)
  • Ability to work on projects where English is required

What is appreciated?

  • Ability to develop personal projects and strong curiosity for the design/tech world
  • Interaction and/or visual design skills for the design of digital products
  • Strong inclination to seek new and significant solutions
  • Excellent communication skills of your ideas and solutions
  • Strong aptitude towards active collaboration in a group
  • Leadership skills accompanied by analytical and listening skills, dynamism and flexibility
  • Ability to interact in complex and technologically active dynamics and contexts
  • Knowledge of Agile principles, values and methodologies
  • Knowledge of other languages besides Italian and English

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