A design dialogue for a new web experience

The AMDL CIRCLE website is a radical and contemporary experience of interactions and design solutions.

The AMDL CIRCLE website is a radical and contemporary experience of interactions and design solutions.


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 design dialogue

The project represented the conjunction of two design perspectives, Sketchin and AMDL CIRCLE. This condition allowed us to develop a valuable dialogue about the role of design and its impact on people's lives.

We co-organised and participated to a series of events where we created the space for discussions on this topic. 

For “human2human”, the very first event we organised, we invited Michele De Lucchi to give a speech about Earth Stations, a concept for future architectures. We also attended the “Mind, Body and Food Hackathon”, organized by AMDL, where we teamed up with professionals from every part of the world to design innovative solutions for spaces.

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iF Design Awards 2020 Winner
iF Design Awards 2020 Winner


Sketchin has collaborated with AMDL in the redesign and release of the website, converting the new AMDL CIRCLE brand into interactions and design solutions, and interpreting the needs of the different users of the new platform.

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Side-by-side development and design

To ensure a fast and efficient development of the solutions, the UXE team joined the Design team from the very beginning of the project.  

The development team was involved in all the workshops to bring a technology perspective and to promptly suggest technical solutions.

A clear back-end structure tailored to the studio's needs

The back-end interface has been built from the ground, with respective data models, to improve the entire system experience. The client can edit and add content without getting lost into a chaos of useless features that make the entire workflow more complicated.

Last but not least, thanks to the reusable APIs made available from the CMS, the studio can get the same data for other touchpoints as well, such as interactive native apps, digital totems, etc.

A fast site built with cutting-edge technologies

Thanks to the adoption of the new JAMStack architecture (Javascript, APIs, Markup) the entire site has been built with a strong focus on worldwide performance and security. 

The CDN infrastructure guarantees uniformed server response times around the world and optimized images for the different devices’ screen resolutions.

AMDL CIRCLE partnered with Sketchin for much more than a website, pulling out a deep design dialogue from its internal resources and departments. The project enables a transition from a single-man studio to a generation of passionate professionals.

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