The Mendrisiotto heritage identity

A strong and uniform ecosystem of elements designed together with the client to enhance the Region's values.

A strong and uniform ecosystem of elements designed together with the client to enhance the Region's values.


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The Mendrisiotto rebranding project was born from the idea of aligning the visual identity to Ticino Turismo, in order to make the brands ecosystem of tourism in Ticino highly uniform and recognizable.

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The challenge of the project was to find a new way to reach visitors of Ticino: thanks to the evolution of the brand into a new symbol, flexible enough to adapt itself to different forms, touchpoints and contexts of use, both physical and digital, we’ve been able to involve tourists, inhabitants, tour operators, workers and local institutions.

Performing like a start-up

We planned and performed all the collaborative activities and workshops with all the different stakeholders that are part of the tourist agency: from journalists to members of the Board of Directors, from designers to marketing and communication units, from interns to the deputy director of Ticino Turismo.

Within the limited available time, we faced the project in a different and challenging way, by organizing and concentrating all the co-design activities together with the stakeholders, in order to give the highest possible value in short time.

A dynamic brand with a clear direction

The brand Mendrisiotto - La regione da scoprire - presents a visual identity rich of elements that allows its application in an ecosystem of digital and physical supports.

We defined together the brand tone of voice and pay-off, to create a solid and consistent communication and storytelling on all the touchpoints and for all the users.

With the brand guidelines, we get everybody able to do an optimal use of the brand with all the elements to understand its characteristics: all the basic components of the brand are well-defined with instructions to use them, in order to maintain consistency and involvement in all brand usage and communication.

The complementarity of its factors makes the brand Mendrisiotto unique and highly recognizable, by communicating the values linked to the brand and to the important southern Region of Ticino.

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