Future scenario design

Designing scenarios, product and services to test alternative futures

Sketchin - Future Scenario Design - Tablet user interface prototyping

We prototype and co-design products, services, environments, artefacts and experiences that bring to life preferable futures. Thus, organisations can empathise with them and provoke a broader, mindful and focused debate.

Making preferable futures tangible.

We use design as a lens to make futures tangible. Stimulating and anticipating change, defining scenarios, creating artefacts or concepts "from the future" to trigger thought and awareness of the direction one chooses to take and of its outcomes. We encourage the creation of an active and constant awareness of the possible forces driving us, laying foundations for the construction of shared meanings.

Through a participatory and collaborative process with all relevant stakeholders - businesses, communities, experts, end users - we shape a variety of future scenarios to exemplify different strategies, behaviours and assumptions. We prototype scenarios and visions to create debate and consensus on possible outcomes, allowing people to immerse themselves in the future, perceiving its complexities and interconnections.

We look to the future focusing on the experiences people will have, putting their well-being and the quality of their daily lives at the centre. We use design to interpret how emerging phenomena and technologies can be used to benefit people and our planet.

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