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Visions on the industry near future

Make your way into the Future of Retail

The retail industry has to adapt to consumers’ diverse needs and conflicting habits to prevent lagging behind the competition and seize new opportunities.

Future of retail executive summary cover and internal pages

Get ahead of the competition

We distilled a two-year long research into few value-packed pages providing you with the widest outlook you need to envision your customer-centric future strategies. The summary will help you laser focus on how to benefit from a landscape of shifting values, new behaviours, evolving technology, and changing markets.

Put your retail at the forefront of innovation

In our near future visions, retailers will have to inspire and promote new ways of living experiences, caring for customers through new services, products and sales models. Stores will be physical and digital at the same time, often automated to save costs and energy and let human employees make a difference. Brands will share spaces and businesses, pushing sales through social media.

The diverse near future visions determine many strategic implications: ask our experts how to interpret them correctly, place them in a specific context, and make them representative and consistent with the brand.

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