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Dealing with the future is like leaving for a journey of exploration: you might face unexpected challenges and meet incredible companions.

The associate program is aimed at independent professionals (with at least one year of experience as a freelancer) with the goal of gathering all kinds of talents around us: photographers, illustrators, videomakers, developers, content designers, product designers, business designers, and so on. In this way, we can add their experience, competences and ideas to our teams, while offering fair working conditions.

The Associate Program

As an Associate

  1. 01

    You will be properly on-boarded to become part of the design team for the entire duration of the project.

  2. 02

    You will join all studio training initiatives, and you’ll receive feedback on your work from our team.

  3. 03

    Your contribution will be mentioned in our communication materials, and you might add the label ‘Sketchin Associate’ to your job description.

  4. 04

    If needed, we can help you with your clients by offering services and consulting.

  5. 05

    Your bills will be paid promptly, always.

Sounds good?

If you fit with the project’s requirements and Sketchin’s culture we can start working together.

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