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From Concept to Growth

With our innovation program, we help organisations create new ventures, business models and initiatives from scratch. We design ad hoc solutions to anticipate the future and open new markets by leveraging emerging technologies and behaviours.

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    Responsive to future scenarios

    New technologies and business models to meet upcoming customer needs and market challenges.

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    Focusing resources on innovation

    Business initiatives successfully address change when an organisational structure supports its hyper-focus on innovation. When it can promote the adoption of new behaviours, skills, attitudes, and values.

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    Fast track from ideation to go-to-market

    Rapid launch of products and services to get market feedback and generate incremental improvement.

Corporate innovation is vital to remain competitive. Still, it often fails and gets stifled by business as usual or does not reach the market due to technological shortcomings, marketing, or business models.

More corporations have launched new ventures to externally explore and conquer new markets and targets in a shorter time frame with reduced risks, solving traditional feasibility, viability and marketability problems.

How to innovate with a new venture

Our five steps method ranges from exploration to exploitation. We first identify challenges and generate solutions to tackle them. Next, we design and validate a concept, preparing it for a swift market launch.

Together we can

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    Explore new opportunities

    From scratch, we identify, validate and bring a new line of business to market with your team of dedicated managers and a sounding board of external top managers providing valuable expertise.

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    Design from concept to launch

    We design and engineer your product or service and launch it on the market quickly. We help create the new organisation and complete its business integration.

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    Become partners in evolving the new venture

    We share risks and costs as your partners and participate in the success through royalties or profit fees on results.

Top-tier companies have trusted us as innovation partners for over ten years. We served their specific needs tailoring our innovation program to their goals whilst treasuring experience, current initiatives, project typologies and investment capabilities.

In 12 months with Sketchin, we gained the trust of 100.000 customers, a great response to a new way of banking and relationship models.

Ivan Mazzoleni, CEO di Flowe

Banca Mediolanum launched B-Corp Flowe with our support in designing a different and sustainable way of banking for the younger generation.

With Sky, we created a new Telco business and launched the Sky Wifi service, integrating it into the entertainment offering to provide its customers with an E2E experience.

With Fastweb, we evolved a paradigm based on tariff offerings while minimising the impact on internal processes and designing a new fully-digital service model for home connectivity.

LoopPay engaged us in transforming daily consumer payments through smartphones. Today, LoopPay's technology and expertise have become Samsung Pay.

An end-to-end innovation centre of excellence

As part of Bip Group, we are an international multidisciplinary practice leading companies' innovation into new markets with tailored end-to-end digital experiences.

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