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We helped City Pop in the digital evolution of their micro-living service, to make guests’ stay as pleasant as possible.

City Pop app interface on smartphones

We helped City Pop in the digital evolution of their micro-living service, to make guests’ stay as pleasant as possible.


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Micro-living, made smart

City Pop is a micro-living service, born in Switzerland in 2019, that offers an innovative lifestyle concept for those students and workers that need a fast housing solution, without compromising comfort. 

Through a single multifunctional app, City Pop allows users to smoothly manage their entire living experience, from booking to check-out, in a fully digital way.


Following an end-to-end experience analysis, we designed the digital access to individual services through the app, evolving its information architecture and interaction flows. We then developed the new brand identity, providing all the visual guidelines of the service, and defining the tone of voice for all communications to the user. Finally, development support materials were produced, such as the design library, the high fidelity navigable prototype and the functional requirements of the app.

covered cities before 2022
countries in Europe: Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic
micro apartments managed in 2020

One key for multiple services

The app embodies the main goal of City Pop: to make guests’ living experience as pleasant as possible, making them feel right away at home. It is the only channel of interaction that users need for all their actions: choose a city, building and apartment, sign the lease contract, hire cleaning services, open the building doors, and access the available services, such as parking, laundry, gym, and cinema.

Interface of the mobile application, with all the actions the user can perform

As a result of its user-friendly and accessible design, the app becomes a true master key to unlock the experience of stress-free relocation, taking care of all the housing and accessory services needs.

In the perspective of a strategic evolution of the whole experience, the app service model was designed to guarantee immediacy and foster guest communication to enable the creation of a community (CityPop Tribe).

Overview main mobile interfaces of the City Pop app

A visual system to feel at home

The goal of making the entire experience pleasant, from check-in to check-out, has resulted in the development of graphic proposals aimed at welcoming and facilitating the user experience also from a visual point of view.

We chose an informal tone of voice and developed a color palette and set of illustrations that make users feel at ease, while making space for verbal direct communication. In this way, the app accompanies the user in discovering City Pop’s services and comfort little by little.

Overview visual elements, illustrations and colour palette design library
Selecting interface components of the City Pop app
Visual declination interface components of all services and amenities within the app

A friendly and trustworthy voice

We shaped the service communication to make people feel welcome and to accompany them in discovering everything that the structure can offer. 

To convey City Pop’s hospitality, each step of the service includes clear short instructions directed to an international audience, with openness towards a wide and diverse audience.

Step-by-step representation of the booking and self-check process

City Pop app’s voice not only supports users in the service use, but speaks directly to the user as well, dynamically adapting according to the booking stage or the time of the day. In this way, the app behaves like an assistant, making users feel safe and at home.

The City Pop app, allowing smart and full digital management from start to finish, becomes a real travel companion capable of making the micro-living experience fluid and pleasant, in each step of the way.

Project Numbers

designers in the Sketchin team
weekly iterations
stakeholders involved
accessory services designed
interactive prototypes
templates designed

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