Energy for people’s lifestyle

A customized energy service & lifestyle companion.

A customized energy service & lifestyle companion.


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Energy as a life-quality enabler

Pulsee is an Axpo spinoff, aimed at providing electricity and full-digital services with high added value to consumers and micro-businesses, boosted by the idea of energy as a life-quality enabler.


In Pulsee, the energy has been conceived as an asset that powers up people’s lives: users can create a customized energy service that suits their lifestyle and allows multi-management and multi-user supply of electricity and gas. Our elaboration of a Design Strategy Report provided Pulsee with a vision of the possible service’s evolutions and future business strategies.

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Energy offering, a walkthrough

The subscription process makes the onboarding easy and fast: a single mobile-first procedure to be carried out online, a streamlined contract and a fully flexible walkthrough that takes into account people’s peculiar needs and energy consumption habits, and that can be suspended and resumed at any time, for a quick and easy compilation, without any intermediaries.

A service to reflect people’s lifestyle

Pulsee fosters a conscious choice of sustainable services that are consistent with each consumer’s peculiar lifestyle and that can evolve over time. People have the chance to identify themselves with the services they use, since these are easy and intuitive to customize thanks to their modularity.

Quality over time

Pulsee has been provided with a complete design system to ensure the consistency of the brand and the expected experience over time and across all the services and touchpoints.

This allows Axpo developers to be independent in the evolution of the design regardless of the specific product, guaranteeing relevance in any context and device.

The newco’s strong value proposition is to provide its customers with a tailor-made energy solution based on their well-being and multiple necessities.

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