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Turning the redesign of the e-commerce into a strategic resource to impact the entire production process, from manufacturing to sales.

Turning the redesign of the e-commerce into a strategic resource to impact the entire production process, from manufacturing to sales.


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United Colors of Benetton

Rethinking the process to unlock a digital future

United Colors of Benetton wanted to redesign their website to match the business needs both in terms of brand experience and commercial performances. They considered introducing new capabilities and better performances by using new technological platforms, as well as shifting from a concept of digital presence to being a digital platform.

Being a digital platform introduced new challenges also for the company organisation, impacting both the content generation model and the website management.


We helped United Colors of Benetton design a new web ecosystem to prepare the company for a truly digital future, by initially defining a set of design pillars, setting up a product-centric approach and elaborating a content strategy to set the foundation for an effective process to produce premium quality imagery.

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Talking by images

The visual scouting is fundamental to bridge the company brand values with the products via the e-commerce catalogue.

Images become the foundation of the communication: partnership and dedicated collections aim to inspire first-time customers as well as the recurrent ones.

The photo-shooting and editing are strictly regulated by a detailed guideline to assure the overall website consistency.

Product is the king

The customer journey within the digital touchpoint is guided by the visual storytelling of the product and the constant conversation between brand content and the e-commerce.

This product-centric approach aims at driving the customer into a transparent relationship with the brand’s values.

Brand awareness and conversion going hand in hand

The editorial content and the e-commerce features have been merged into a unique flow. The shooting of the single item has been conceived so that it integrates the visual rationales of an ATL campaign since the beginning. 

The awareness and conversion flows balance each other, thus blending brand perception, inspiration and conversion. A flexible solution has been adopted to support the brand communication throughout the collection timetable.

Rethink the process to unlock a digital future

This digital transformation had been possible only by organizing and optimizing the flows (shooting, editorial content, compiling the product pages, campaign management and social media communication), a process that implied a stimulation of all the business functions and units.

We went along with United Colors of Benetton in a deep process of transition that turned an e-commerce website perceived as ‘external’ like a minor satellite, into a strategic resource for the entire company.

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