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We developed a tailored Design Thinking program for Eni Gas e Luce and Fastweb to envision new integrated products and services.

We developed a tailored Design Thinking program for Eni Gas e Luce and Fastweb to envision new integrated products and services.


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Eni Gas e Luce + Fastweb

New digital opportunities, together

Eni Gas e Luce & Fastweb took the opportunity to strengthen their partnership and explore new strategic opportunities together, by proactively learning and applying the Design Thinking approach for the development of new domestic digital products and services, thus evolving their design vision for future projects.

Our challenge was to build a pilot experience to experiment the design-driven approach that could be later extended to both organizations, while also enabling both teams to acquire new design methods and skills, and to apply them into their daily work practice.


The program consisted of 5 weekly sessions covering the phases of the Design Thinking process (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test) and ended with a final presentation of the groups’ projects and a discussion panel.

Each session included speeches aimed at introducing the principles and methods for each phase, and practical activities to apply them to a real challenge.

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Cultivating collaboration

The Design Thinking training program gave to the participants the opportunity to work differently and learn by doing through active engagement in activities, while also acquiring new skills to apply in their everyday work. Starting from the different topics selected, each team generated new ideas while developing, at the same time, a useful methodology for the future day-by-day collaborative workflow.

For the two companies it was a chance to get to know each other even better and to get a framework to foster creative collaboration and unleash the potential values for future business scenarios.

Making ideas tangible

The Design Thinking training program gave to the participants a tool for practicing the creation of rough prototypes. Moreover, the participants had the opportunity to test their assumptions directly with potential final customers.

Putting the prototype in the hands of the real users allows designers to see what would and would not work. Prototyping reduces misunderstandings between team members and also with corporate management.

Boosting communication through company levels

The Design Thinking training program is a safe opportunity for each stakeholder to freely express their skills and opinions in a completely different way, far from traditional office meetings.

Scheduling plenary meetings created occasions for the employees to communicate their ideas to their superiors.

Thanks to face-to-face meetings with the top-level management, employees were able not only to discuss their ideas directly with the decision makers but also to speed the processes up: real time feedback reduced the time for implementing them.

The Design Thinking program encouraged the acquisition of a new attitude for developing products and services and fostered the adoption of a user-centric approach, while also empowering the partnership between the two organizations.

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