A new customized experience for lighting professionals

Starting from an in-depth analysis of the existing portal, we designed the new Flos digital experience according to the users’ needs in order to guarantee an end-to-end support for them.

Starting from an in-depth analysis of the existing portal, we designed the new Flos digital experience according to the users’ needs in order to guarantee an end-to-end support for them.


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An end-to-end evolution of the digital platform

As part of a broad strategic evolution plan, we helped Flos to effectively understand and meet the needs of lighting professionals, by accompanying them throughout the design process to redesign its digital touchpoints.

IF Design Award 2022 Service Design
IF Design Award 2022 Service Design


The in-depth analysis of the customer base, both consumer and professional, and the expert analysis of the previous digital platform led to the definition of a new information architecture aimed at optimizing and simplifying the website navigation. In order to make the whole experience more effective, new services and functionalities have been implemented both on the physical and digital level.

Identifying the opportunities that emerged from the research

The interviews carried out with users from different geographical areas (Europe, America and Asia and some internal Flos stakeholders), the expert analysis of the platform and a series of user tests simulating specific tasks for professionals, have made it possible to identify the critical points and basic needs of those who use the Flos website as a tool for inspiration, information and work.

A dedicated and flexible platform

The knowledge collected about Flos’ users allowed us to design ecosystem-specific touchpoints that meet their needs without neglecting the history and the valuable editorial content that the company can offer.

Despite the specificity of some elements of the ecosystem, everything is integrated thanks to a smooth and connected navigation among the different websites.

Different levels of professional competence require different ways of interacting: this is why we designed a flexible platform that could contain tools and services useful for design.

Evolving the visual language

By optimising the space and rationalising the components of the interface, we have been able to evolve the Flos visual language into a more functional and versatile one for every touchpoint, from desktop to mobile.

The new visual language has allowed us to convey both the editorial and the more technical contents in an elegant and contemporary way, while guaranteeing the visual consistency of the brand.

Managing complexity

Through an in-depth study that led to the reorganization of information, we were able to simplify and reduce the navigation levels up to the products management.

This allowed us not only to optimise the navigation of products and their components, but also to make much more data and technical information available in a progressive disclosure approach.

New services to complete the experience

The redesign of the digital experience has also made the implementation of new multi-channel consulting services possible.

These tools, designed to fill in the main pain points that emerged during the research phase, guide the user through all the phases of navigation, from product selection to the contact with Flos.

  • book an appointment
  • product finder
  • compare
  • expert consultancy
  • ask for assistance
  • showroom virtual tour

A virtual experience for the physical showroom

In 2020, the year in which the Salone del Mobile couldn’t take place, Flos completely refurbished its showroom in Milan with the most interesting products of some of its collections.

Users now have the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the showroom via their devices, thus being able to see the products contextualized in a three-dimensional environment.

Flos decided to evolve their digital presence. We helped them understand who they were interfacing with and how to meet their needs, while conveying the heritage and culture of the Flos world, and redesigning their digital ecosystem and new ancillary services.

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