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We have improved the experience of the over 50,000 readers of Il Giornale di Brescia by guiding the paper towards an innovation of the editorial and business proposal.

We have improved the experience of the over 50,000 readers of Il Giornale di Brescia by guiding the paper towards an innovation of the editorial and business proposal.


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The reference point for news in Brescia

Given the increasingly fragmented, saturated and complex panorama of the press sector, Il Giornale di Brescia has been searching for new ways in which to respond to the evolving habits of its readers and the market.


We have designed a physical and digital newspaper that is “regionalized” in its ability to penetrate the local community, yet at the same time comprehensive enough to accurately report important national and international news stories.

It is a newspaper that is able to offer a simple, fluid and consistent experience, which wins its readers’ loyalty through the quality of its content regardless of the device and the usage context.

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A modern and integrated reading experience

The objectives were numerous: to understand the new ways of use, to improve the reading experience and the quality of the content, to reinforce the penetration capacity of the news and the brand and to discover new channels for commercial revenue; these aims were to be achieved through a new editorial experience able to balance and integrate the different existing facets of the group, such as the paper newspaper, the digital newspaper, the TV, the radio and the magazine.

The project we strove for was created together with Sketchin with the aim of both implementing and innovating our leadership in the publishing industry, according to a constantly evolving scenario and the radically new habits acquired by readers in recent years.

Mauro Torri, General Manager of Editoriale Bresciana

A coherent and consistent identity

People do not make any editorial distinction between the paper, the digital and social media versions: these are all equal forms of media, integrated and perceived in a homogenous way under a single brand experience which, more often than not, begins from the paper version and moves to the digital world for more further details.

We have therefore worked side by side with the Spanish brand identity company “Cases Y Associates” to fully deliver this uniformity and to define a unique visual and transversal language.

Content and mobile first

We have designed an experience in line with the principles of the “Future Friendly Web”: increased importance and focus on content, a fluid experience, simplification, reduced cognitive demand on users, mobile first, orbital content and device/channel-free use. Each news item must be accessible anytime and anywhere, as it responds to the specific information needs of its readers rather than to hierarchical or time-related requirements.

Furthermore, the introduction of a soft categorisation of content by story has allowed us to create more pertinent, relevant and vertical categories, with an impact on both usage and the sale of advertisement spots.

Unobtrusive viewability

The introduction of the infinite scroll feature in the articles of the news sections has brought numerous advantages: it has improved the reading experience and the integration with content flow; furthermore, it has enabled us to formalise new profit opportunities, reducing the dropout rate and increasing the number of page hits and advertisement presence.

The future of Il Giornale di Brescia will be increasingly focused on the creation of a new, geographically relevant proposal, able to improve the daily lives of its readers and citizens in their own specific context. As such, it will not only inform but will also become an aggregator of specific and relevant local services.

The result has been a smart and innovative process that engaged every stakeholder in and out of the company toward the goal of a consistent, cross-channel and effective redesign of the newspaper, both in its digital and paper form.

Mauro Torri, General Manager of Editoriale Bresciana

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