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Redefining the way people explore the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle on any physical and digital device.

Redefining the way people explore the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle on any physical and digital device.


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Grazia: gorgeous and modern

Grazia is one of the most well-known women’s magazines by Mondadori featuring fashion, beauty, and Italian lifestyle.

In 2015 we helped renovate Grazia’s digital presence by redesigning the online magazine and integrating it with its shop in a seamless, non-invasive and modern way.

Our challenge was ambitious: to improve the exploring experience while maintaining the given creative guidelines; a careful redesign aimed at getting closer to people’s behaviour, thus increasing the adoption and conversion rate performances.


Thanks to the insights emerged from the field research and a user test, we defined the guiding strategic principles of the experience and designed several moodboards to guide the choice of the project’s look & feel, consistently with the brand values.

We then developed a prototype to simulate the user experience flow and guide the conversation between the teams and developers.

The responsive interface was designed so to increase the page views and thus the monetization deriving from the advertising spaces.

pages views
bounce rate

A serendipitous exploration

The digital space is infinite and it’s able to restore value to content over time. This is why users can navigate between the website sections in serendipity thanks to a vertical storytelling, the infinite scroll in the articles and the correlation among them.

The strategy allows for an increase in page views and a greater monetization of the advertising space.

Look, explore, buy

It is essential for the user to perceive the whole offer and digital ecosystem of Grazia. Therefore the e-commerce has been integrated with the editorial website thanks to dedicated spaces within the page that don’t interrupt the user’s reading experience, but strengthen the whole digital ecosystem instead.

A continuous dialogue

Knowing the user is essential for those who communicate. 

The insertion of different widgets within the article’s body allows for a constant dialogue with the reader, facilitates a private sharing of favorite contents and products while also allowing Grazia to discover the readers' tastes and preferences. All this to the advantage of the experience’s quality.

The editorial redesign and its integration with the e-commerce helped Grazia reposition itself on the fashion magazines market in a renovated and modern way that is also closer to its readers everywhere.

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