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We helped the most important Film Festival in Switzerland to evolve its digital experience and the ways of interaction offered to the public, with a digital-first approach.

Locarno Film Festival platform interface on smartphones

We helped the most important Film Festival in Switzerland to evolve its digital experience and the ways of interaction offered to the public, with a digital-first approach.


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Transforming limits into opportunities

The beginning of 2020 made it clear that the 73rd edition of the Festival, in its traditional form, was at risk. However, the pandemic has accelerated a process for the definition of its long-term strategy that was actually already underway, with the aim of safeguarding its continuity and relevance on the international scene.

Locarno Film Festival was able to turn the challenge imposed by Covid-19 into an opportunity for improvement, evolving not only the digital experience of its touchpoints, but also its offering and the methods of interaction with the public.

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IF Design Award 2022 Service Design
IF Design Award 2022 Service Design


We helped LFF strengthen the online presence and evolve it in a long-term perspective, redesigning the entire operating model and its whole digital ecosystem. New service models have also been designed to allow the Festival to be enjoyed both physically and digitally.

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A digital and fluid experience

The strategic evolution plan of the Festival's digital ecosystem aimed at responding to distinct needs:

  • To offer targeted content for the international and heterogeneous audience of the Festival, made up of cinema lovers, industry professionals, students, directors of the competing films, journalists and movie stars.
  • To provide online content that changes over time, to give the right visibility to both the spin-off events (eg: Locarno Short Weeks) and the main Festival, in a fluid and modular way.
  • To redesign the 2020 Festival experience within the limits imposed by the global pandemic, thus rethinking the way of searching, booking, viewing and awarding the films in competition in the most intuitive possible way, both in streaming and in the theater.
Display search mode for selected films on mobile
Interface detail page, booking and film viewing
Photo collection during the Locarno Film Festival event

Evolving the service models

As part of the strategic development plan of the Festival, the service models have been redesigned to be integrated in the digital experience of the event. In practice, the project team focused on defining blueprints and wireframes that redesign services such as: seat reservation and ticket purchase; seasonal pass purchase; the sign up and login flows to the personal area; the request for accreditation (individual, academy and delegations); the shuttle reservation to move around the Festival area and the city.

It was crucial for us and all our partners to share a solid and collaborative design method. We always want to put our audience, the professionals and the passion for great auteur cinema at the very center.

Simona Gamba, Deputy COO & Chief innovation officer - Locarno Film Festival
Blueprint redesigning digital platform services

The new LLF website, flexible and modular

The new information architecture of the Locarno Film Festival website has been flexibly designed to ensure proper visibility for both the different spin-off events and the main Festival.

The web platform has therefore been redesigned to have different sections for each audience, and to allow viewing of the films on the program both online and in theaters.

The new visual style adopted aims to integrate everything that makes the Locarno Film Festival brand distinctive and unique - and that distinguishes its quality, eclecticism and passion - while maintaining an essential aesthetic approach capable of enhancing any type of content: films, events, initiatives or multimedia.

Locarno Film Festival web platform
Main interfaces of the Locarno Film Festival platform

A future vision for the LFF app

In the perspective of an envisioning for the future evolution of the Locarno Film Festival app, we tried to redesign it by providing it with a specific function: to facilitate the live experience.

Through short and medium-term interventions, the renewed app aims to provide users with basic information about the Festival and, above all, to provide quick solutions that can be accessed while participating at the physical Festival, such as the consultation of the scheduled awards and films, the tickets purchased, the personalized program with the favorite films and the map with the various festival areas.

Representation of the Locarno Film Festival app

The digital transformation project for the Locarno Film Festival has led to the creation of a 360° experience that integrates both physical and digital, and which enhances all the content produced, making it alive and enjoyable 365 days a year.

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