Evolving the B2B experience

We helped Ricoh Digital redesign its B2B platform to provide clients with an integrated and cohesive experience.

We helped Ricoh Digital redesign its B2B platform to provide clients with an integrated and cohesive experience.


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A new digital experience

Ricoh, the well-known leader company in the manufacture of electronic products for office equipments, needed an evolution of its brand perception and asked us to support them in designing the new digital experience of two prime platforms of their ecosystem: the one dedicated to the printing machines setup and the customer assistance and ticketing platform.


We defined a step-by-step plan driven by design thinking, starting from identifying the vision and design opportunities, to the development of a ready-to-test prototype.

A deep redesign of the user flows for the machine setup, customer assistance processes and e-commerce user interactions has taken place, along with the creation of a design library and the front-end development of the e-commerce prototype.

A tailored user experience

A thorough customer journey mapping has allowed the application of a user-centric perspective to safeguard the user experience across all steps and interactions.

Ricoh redesigned platform experience allows the user to customize their journey based on their needs and characteristics as a customer. This, in turn, provides to higher rates of loyalty and brand awareness by the users.

Simplicity and ease of use

Any form of complexity is hidden from the user’s view. 

All content and interactions are designed to be accessible, clear and relevant, and the clean user interface helps customers easily understand what to do and quickly find what they need.

An experience focused on B2B

The main purpose of the redesigned platform is to increase business. In this perspective, it is crucial to interpret different user needs to avoid any potential barrier during the purchase processes.

As a result of our collaboration with Ricoh, a new and integrated digital ecosystem has been created, enhanced by a stronger brand perception.

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