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Creating a new way of paying in instalments everywhere, with no fees or extra costs for the user.

Creating a new way of paying in instalments everywhere, with no fees or extra costs for the user.

Instalments payment, made easy

The goal of the project was to design a card for instalments payment, to be exported in Europe first and then worldwide. We therefore contributed in the creation of a new way to conceive the shopping experience.

Through collaborative activities and by using complementary research techniques, we defined functional guidelines that were consistent with the project’s objectives and we understood the way different kinds of customers will live the new Solvy experience.

Solvy helps regular people from the mass market who want to experience their shopping in a relaxed and easy way, without any worries about prices and avoiding any overpayment, while also increasing the monthly shopping capability unlike regular credit cards and loans.


We’ve helped defining an internal "communication code" to facilitate the decision-making and strategic processes and to create a shared knowledge of the principles needed to evolve the system and to build a solid user experience strategy.

A new brand identity for the service (naming, visual language, content guidelines) that assesses the brand values with utmost care to accessibility and simplicity was also created, along with the design of the entire experience flux, including the main screens and features of the mobile app. A whole series of measures have been included in the experience to educate the user on proper financial management.

different markets impacted
omnichannel experience

An expressive brand identity

A complete exploration of the new visual language guarantees that the main values of the brand and the coherence of the entire ecosystem are conveyed across all the touchpoints.

The brand identity is consistent throughout all different markets (South America and European Union) and emotionally reaches every user.

Conscious shopping at your fingertips

Digital channels become a point of contact with the service and the place where users can be aware of their expenses. 

The app is designed to ensure an easy onboarding process and a simplified access to the service.

The project was followed by an iterative and incremental phase of executive design to support the product/service system delivery as well as its evolution. The project is therefore validated on the market in order to pursue a zero-defect customer experience and the improvement of its market fit.

Project Numbers

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