Futures Research

Studying emerging phenomena to anticipate the challenges of the future

By using future-oriented research, we observe reality, identify and analyze emerging trends, signals and drivers of change that are transforming the market, the industry and the socio-economic environment.

Exploring and anticipating futures

We systematically scan society, the market and the media for signs that could help us anticipate less likely futures, to sniff out transformations before they are revealed to everyone. We identify current trends and, by tracing their cause, we analyze their speed of development and look for patterns to anticipate their potential impacts on human life.

We use design tools and techniques to interpret and seek solutions to the challenges that consumers, citizens, markets and the planet will have to face over the next 10 to 20 years. We use a divergent and multidisciplinary approach to pierce the veil of opinion and identify the dynamics that are moulding the future.

We do not simply observe emerging phenomena, but add traditional forms of analysis using the lens of statistics, economic analysis and sociology. Exploration allows us to identify a space of opportunity within complexity. We anticipate knowledge, not the future itself.

Futures Research Lab

We help organisations develop the skills and mindset needed to internalise the ability to scan for and identify signs of change, turning this laboratory for future exploration into a corporate asset and a continuous scouting tool. 

A systematic exploration of the future can guide companies in continuing to generate sustainable value over time, anticipating challenges and extracting information necessary to create future-proof products and services.

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