A brand for the smarter energy offer on the Swiss market

Azienda Elettrica Ticinese and Società Elettrica Sopracenerina together for a tailor made and full digital new experience.

Azienda Elettrica Ticinese and Società Elettrica Sopracenerina together for a tailor made and full digital new experience.


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Fully digital, highly customizable

AET (Azienda Elettrica Ticinese) and SES (Società Elettrica Sopracenerina) had the challenge not to arrive unprepared for the opening of the free market in the Swiss energy industry. They therefore aimed at creating a brand new digital experience to deliver their offering through a new point of contact with the customers. 

The activities conducted followed a lean approach and led to the design of a new brand, with the definition of its values and the creation of a consistent visual style. The MMP of the digital platform has then been designed in order to present a new fully digital and customized offer to business customers.

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The synergy between the two companies allowed the creation of a new experience. From defining the underlying values of the new brand, to its visual guidelines and the front-end implementation, the design process applied also served as a digital and business transformation tool within the companies.

From the value proposition to the brand

A new brand image was created from scratch for a new company, by uniting both souls of the founding partners. The new brand tells and represents the new values defined, more suitable for the digital evolution undertaken.

“Kwick” was the choice among the three proposals made. It’s a neologism that merges “KW”, the measure of power, with “quick”. Easy to pronounce and to remember, it perfectly conveys the idea of a smart digital offer that is immediate to activate.

Beyond the energy consultants

The design of the MMP, aimed at corporate customers, was an iterative process: the co-design with internal stakeholders led to the definition of a subscription process that users can carry out independently and just in a few steps, without the support of any energy consultants.

Users are guided into choosing the energy product that best suits their company's needs, thanks to a configuration tool that suggests offers that are tailored to each individual customer. Moreover, they are able to abandon and resume the process at any time without any loss of information.

End-to-end quality, guaranteed

Our lean and iterative approach, together with a strong collaboration with our UX Engineer that worked daily with the client, allowed us to truly follow and give value throughout the whole project, from scratch to the final implementation.

In addition to the visual guidelines for both the brand and the interface, the final and complete HTML front-end was delivered, ready to be integrated with the client’s internal systems and processes.

The new energy experience for the Swiss free market is a smart one: highly innovative and built around the real needs of the users. Its fresh and fully digital approach allows a competitive positioning on the market, while remaining ready for any future evolutions.

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