Boosting the private banking service model

A model that orbits around the financial advisor role, empowered by new technologies to offer a superior quality service.

A model that orbits around the financial advisor role, empowered by new technologies to offer a superior quality service.


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A tech-improved human role

Our client is a global leader and employer in insurance and financial services with activities in more than 70 countries worldwide. The project originated from a need for redefining the role of the financial advisor and the bank’s organizational and information model.

We assessed the existing service model which is based on the strong relationship between the financial advisor and the final client, and between the client and the bank itself. By involving more than 1600 financial advisors, we investigated their end-to-end working experience and identified opportunities for empowerment.


By crafting the vision for the future ecosystem, we reshaped the service model across all the customer journeys through several technological and organisational initiatives, thus improving the financial advisors’ performance, the bank’s communication strategy and the overall B2B2C experience.

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Human-centered, end-to-end

The bank’s new technological ecosystem was shaped around the experience of its financial advisors, to support the multiple and multifaceted needs of a complex sales network. 

The role of the financial advisor evolved becoming the focal point of a micro-integrated system of specialists, and the main touchpoint between the end customer and the bank.

A smart companion for the financial advisor

All the services and tools were created to assist and support the work of the financial advisors, while preserving their human touch and sensibility in the relationship with the final clients, who need to completely trust the person who manages their money. 

Technology is considered as a way to give superpowers to people, not as a substitute of their role.

The client promoted a change of mindset among its salesforce, by training all the financial advisors for the use of the new platforms and tools through a series of mentoring initiatives. In the next-to-be banking humans are one, yet the most important, touchpoint of the service ecosystem, empowered and enhanced by technology.

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