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We envisioned a more proficient experience for insurance agents and customers, enhanced by digital tools, robot advisory, and vocal interfaces.

We envisioned a more proficient experience for insurance agents and customers, enhanced by digital tools, robot advisory, and vocal interfaces.


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Agents network, enhanced

We envisioned an Insurance Network Enhancement scenario for the future of advisory. The new ecosystem is implemented to support and empower the insurance agent’s daily work with digital tools, robot advisory and vocal interfaces. The agent becomes the human touchpoint and the focal point of the new service, thanks to the enhancement made possible by technology.


The scenario proposed shows how it is possible to create a comprehensive ecosystem to support the insurance agent on the move, as in the office. The platform features predictive and self-improving tools to anticipate the user's needs, to suggest tailor-made offers and to ease the operational activities, while at the same time granting fresh information and accurate reporting. 

ecosystem features
full work-day scenario

Full mobility digital ecosystem

An insurance sales network is a complex system. Our goal was to envision a platform capable of keeping high productivity levels and smoothing the daily operations of the sales force. With a cohesive set of tools and features, it doesn’t matter if the agent is on the move or at the office, the experience is seamless and proficient, and the low added value activities are managed by artificial intelligence:

  • Operational - The tool eases the operational activities on the move: customer management, change of personal data, collection and policy renewal.
  • Informative - The information feature lets agents and employees access the mobile information content: news, videos, presentations and podcasts.
  • Self-improving - The tool interacts in an integrated manner, refining itself based on the acquired behaviour, data and needs of the Agent. 
  • Reporting - The vertical reporting feature offers a view on the reports of the network, according to the agent's profile and needs. 
  • Predictive - A predictive tool that anticipate the users’ needs and promote their autonomy in dealing with their agent.

Agent communication

Every morning the agent receives a notification only for relevant content. The large amount of news is filtered to let all potential take-outs and actions emerge. Notifications and data-driven profiling are keys to relevant information:

  • Notifications of any kind (push, email, SMS, etc.) regardless of the device used (smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, computer, etc.) take a key role in carrying news and keeping the sales network up to date.
  • The action feed is role (agent, sub agent, etc.) and profile based.
  • All the content is picked and shown to the agent based on his own interests and preferences.
  • The profiling logics are constantly enriched by the daily actions and use habits of the agents.

Seamless experience

No matter if the agent has a desk or a smartphone, the agency is always where needed. The contents follow the agent's needs when and where are most useful.

On the move:

  • The contents are proposed to the agent following the rhythm of his day, habits and tasks.
  • Some contents can be downloaded and used offline later (e.g. by car, train, plane).

At home:

  • The use of some video and audio contents may be interrupted and resumed on the next access.

At the office:

  • The contents are also location-based: for example, the system can suggest to consult the most complex material on desktop screens.
  • The system supports daily operations by adding useful information to each task.

Cascading knowledge

The agent can forward relevant content to his colleagues or sub-agent network on the go, while adding suggestions or specific tasks, thus enhancing the sharing of ideas and valuable information within the entire sales network.

  • The Sales Manager can supply the network with proper business indication in a smoother and faster way.
  • Transforming information into actions: the agent can share bulletins and analysis, turning every news into a to-do list for partners and collaborators.

Client management

The agent checks the list of upcoming meetings and sets the schedule of the day collecting and attaching all the needed documents. Cross device events and task management allow the optimization of the day to the finest details.

  • Events management is fully integrated within the ecosystem.
  • Schedule management allows to add notes, offers and documents to the meeting items.
  • Thanks to a navigation assistant, the agent always gets the fastest route to avoid traffic when going to the client place.

Robo assistant

The agent receives a list of relevant client profiles created by an algorithm-based robo advisor that matches products features with the client portfolio: a design form that is both human and made of AI.

  • The machine learning algorithm at the base of the digital platform has been conceived to support the agent in his daily work with the end-customers. It suggests the adoption of financial products based on the client's profile and risk propensity, matching the Advisor’s sales behavior.
  • The platform itself has been designed to exploit the suggestions coming from the AI, making them recognizable so that the agents can take the best from every single hint.

Sales on the moves

Just before the meeting, the agent can go through the client profile to get relevant information to support the sale.

The system knows what the agent needs and provides essential content for the meeting.

  • A few minutes before the meeting the system provides essential material optimized for the agent’s device .
  • During the meeting, the agent can share material with the client and acquire personal data and documentation directly from the app.


After the meeting, the agent can take vocal notes on the customer’s new needs.

  • The Agent is also able to program the system with follow-up actions and set calendar deadlines.
  • Using vocal interfaces as a way to communicate and to dematerialize the agency.

Performance monitoring

The agent gets relevant feedback and data on the client portfolio and on the sales performance. Predictive analysis can foresee sales progress and show clients opportunities.

  • The agent can quickly visualize graphics and trends of the entire network sales activities.
  • An effective overview of every clients profile allows to spot opportunity gaps for cross and up selling.

Platform adoption drivers

The platform can increase the whole network performance, while the agents can focus on developing relations with the clients; the technological enhancement provided by the tools can impact many aspects of their daily workload:


  • Efficiency - Time saving for agent operations and client management 
  • Effectiveness - Sales enhancements with an increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Performance - Monitoring and prediction of agent's performance and forecast.
  • Customization - Experience of one for each agent based on their profile, role and needs.
  • Omnichannel - Integration and synergies between the work done in the office and on the move.
  • Simplicity - Diminished cognitive burden for the agent who can perform their tasks via smartphone/smartwatch.

The technology enhancement can bring a sales network to the next level of performance and efficiency. If you want to know more about the opportunities of a seamless ecosystem and get your business future-proof, contact us!

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