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Our client - a public company - is committed to enhance info-mobility and security, improving the travel experience.

Our client - a public company - is committed to enhance info-mobility and security, improving the travel experience.


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Public Company

Safety and usability on the road

We challenged the company to understand the importance of empathizing with the end users, adopting their point of view, embracing their needs and habits in order to effectively design a better travel experience.


The project consisted in the elaboration of a Design Strategy Report to provide a vision of the possible evolutions of the service and future business strategies. With a mobile application that uses the available data to provide real-time support, tailor-made info mobility and behaviour guidance to all road users, we have allowed the client to achieve concrete investments for the network development.

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Towards an integrated smart experience

The app was one of the first milestones of the strategic roadmap designed to accompany the client towards a leading positioning in the smart driving experience market. A series of app upgrades and additional services tailored to specific road users, but also opportunities to create partnerships with mobility services providers and smart car industry leaders were proposed to continue the adventure towards an integrated smart experience for both drivers and infrastructures employees.

Inclusive design based on the extremes

The app concept was born out of collaborative mapping activities in which we helped the client stakeholders understand extreme users’ needs and use case scenarios. How can the new app help female truck drivers as well as social media addicted motorcycle riders drive in full safety while also experiencing the pleasure of being on the road?

Co.pilot: a driving companion

Co.pilot translates infrastructure and system data into drivers’ real time support, tailor-made info mobility and behavioural guidance. 

Whether working areas or sudden weather changes affect the users’ journey, Co.pilot is on their side by alerting them and giving them tips on how to react promptly and safely. Also, the app allows users to plan ahead their journey according to the best weather and traffic conditions.

Finally, it gathers data from users’ driving behaviour to provide them with visual reports to increase consciousness about it and offer valuable tips to improve it further.

A consistent 360° experience

The app is designed to prevent users’ distractions from driving: this is achieved by carefully selecting the minimal set of vocal interactions, adopting a simple and direct tone of voice that drivers can easily understand and using intuitive color codes to distinguish alert severity levels.

A detailed design system has been built to support such user experience to be consistent across all app features and all the other brand’s touchpoints.

The client can now offer drivers an integrated smart experience, becoming a trusted companion for their safety and driving pleasure, while also triggering and boosting their best behaviour on the road.

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