From sheer data to product experience

A service company evolution in data-products sales.

A service company evolution in data-products sales.

Evolving into a service-centric company

In 2016 Cerved started a deep process of company transformation, driving technology and service innovation into the Business Information field.

The adoption of a design-driven and user-centric approach helped Cerved to detect a new business opportunity: to transform its data business into customer-related services.


A profound transformation has involved the entire company identity: from the employees to the operations, till the offering. We led the design of cutting edge products like Credit Suite, Collection Score App, and Silos Credit Desk.

cost saved in front-end development
new services launched
customer sessions

The company itself 
is the project

Collaborative activities, such as workshops and co-design sessions, created the opportunity to bring different stakeholders from different business units together, each of whom has played a key role in adding value to the company’s transformation.

A design-driven and customer-centric approach has played a pivotal role in shaping the new business models, bringing a start up attitude within a big corporate system.

Consistency over the whole experience

To evolve its products, the company heavily relied on feedbacks using qualitative testing and quick prototyping to set the new standards of usability for Cerved Group.

The result of these products and services design is a truly consistent experience across all the new platforms.

Design to the code

Every product has been conceived to make it viable: the User Experience Engineers can guarantee the quality of design, and design choices, even during the development phase, acting as intermediaries and facilitators between business and development. 

Agile methods, incremental weekly solutions and the integration with the delivery process preserves the consistency of the project, and a comprehensive internal library was made with “React” to ensure it at every step, for each small detail. The result is a +30% time saving on front-end development.

Design Studio Injection

Cerved recognized design skills as a pivotal asset to the company and promoted the birth of an in-house design studio. 

Sketchin is helping Cerved develop its own internal design capabilities and currently provides the company with design trainings, methods and tools.

During the process of transformation and expansion of its services, Cerved changed its nature and structure accordingly. The company became the focus of the project and the redesign of the single services together with its new products is the very expression of this shift.

Project numbers

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