Discovering your dreams

Making it easier for people to learn more about themselves through their dreams.

Making it easier for people to learn more about themselves through their dreams.







Forty million dreamers

Forty million people all over the world study, chart, and analyze their dreams.

Dreamboard is a San Francisco-based start-up that wants to make it easier for people to learn more about themselves through their dreams.

In 2011 Dreamboard asked us to conceive and design the ideal experience for a multichannel service that gives people the chance to keep a journal of their dreams, allowing them to access useful information in order to get to know themselves better.


A service simple as a notebook page, easy to increase in terms of features available for dreamers, even by someone with a low state of consciousness, like a person who has just awaken from sleep.

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How to keep a journal of your dreams

Through field studies and context-based research, we have come to understand how people today keep a journal of their dreams, how they use it over time, and what they need in order to broaden their knowledge.

In the light of our studies, insights such as the importance of the emotional sphere, perseverance in writing regularly, and an interest in the interpretation of dreams have proven to be essential in defining the product strategy.

Focus on dreams

Imagine an ecosystem of multichannel services capable of welcoming users and making them feel at home with the entire procedure, from the reporting and charting phase to the final one of analysis, following them and charting their dreams, whenever and wherever they want to.

Imagine an extremely simple and neutral user interface, entirely data-designed, non-invasive, and that by no means hints at any sort of data interpretation, allowing people to concentrate on what they care about most: their dreams.

Many devices, one goal: charting a dream

We’ve designed a multichannel service that performs one sole function in the best way possible: charting dreams.

By using an interactive dashboard, people can capture and explore their dreams thanks to the feedback they receive from their subconscious mind and that is built based on a few relevant indicators.

By means of individual skills and working methods, it has been possible to combine a ‘wild’ creativity, as that of dreams, with an effective and effectual representation of it.

Umberto Prunotto, Chairman

More than 2,000 people every day learn more about themselves by tracking and analyzing their dreams. In 2013, Dreamboard entered a new phase of its evolution, which has resulted in the redesign and optimization of a lot of its components, doubling the usage rate.

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