A connectivity experience for the NeXXt generation

Together with Fastweb we have designed the foundations for the new generation of connectivity technologies and products: an Internet Box to be exhibited, designed from the customer experience to market launch, to evolve a rate offer into a real connectivity experience.

Viewing the Nexxt platform interface on a tablet

Together with Fastweb we have designed the foundations for the new generation of connectivity technologies and products: an Internet Box to be exhibited, designed from the customer experience to market launch, to evolve a rate offer into a real connectivity experience.








The best connection speaks for itself

By developing an agile methodology, we remotely managed an entire working group to design the new generation of connectivity products: a main router, an internet extender, their visual identity and related packaging. By designing a seamless experience across multiple devices, we were able to leverage the opportunities of technology, integrating Amazon Alexa's capabilities into the connectivity ecosystem, adding value for every type of user.

iF Design Award 2022 Winner Service Design + Product
iF Design Award 2022 Winner Service Design + Product
Representation of Nexxt's physical device, which will enter users' homes


Fastweb wanted to evolve a well tested Internet connection offering by introducing new innovative products, new analog and digital features, minimizing the impact on internal processes and creating an ecosystem for a premium end-to-end experience.

smart device family
new Alexa vocal commands

Many maps, one experience

We involved several departments in a co-design process, establishing a solid and constant exchange of information and remote collaboration tools in order to manage the huge amount of information requested, provided and created.

By mapping the as-is experience we have identified the key moments to be remodeled, defining the detailed functionalities for the elements of each product family (voice products, app, web), focusing on an experience that is not only full-digital, but valuable even when enabled by the voice.

User experience mapping supported by in-app visualisation of the configuration process

An Internet Box that listens to you

We designed the product concept of the NeXXt Internet Box, thinking of an hybrid object no longer relegated to a room corner, but to be exhibited in the living rooms, to be activated with the voice and to become the beating heart of the connected home.

Starting from the users' objectives, we have defined form and functions to guarantee a fully integrated interaction model with network services. For each element of the connectivity products ecosystem (Internet Box CPE "Customer Premise Equipment", Booster and wall bracket) the related functional relationships with the other devices were determined, establishing their hierarchy and specialization.

The products have been designed down to the details of the volumetric mathematics for the manufacturer (in interchange format), with the proper CMF specifications (Colors, Materials, Finishes).

Product concept of the NeXXt Internet Box, front view
Product concept of the NeXXt Internet Box, side view

The interaction coherence with Amazon Alexa was ensured: the LED behavior specifications are already known to current users, and the speakers were integrated to obtain the maximum possible power from both the main CPE and the booster.

Product concept of the NeXXt Internet Box, detail view of interaction elements
Product scenario of the NeXXt Internet Box in a real-world context

NeXXt digital experience

The digital touchpoints have been designed to embrace all types of users: families are able to manage multiple profiles for members, environments and modes; small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of a single connection for their workflow activities and provide a dedicated guest network for their customers.

The connectivity experience is based on 4 fundamental and widely customizable digital services: Profile Management, Kids & Security, Smart Assistance and Digital Wellness.

  • Profile Management
    With NeXXt it’s possible to grant the management of the network to the various people registered in the system, assigning specific devices, dedicated home or office environments, and personal methods to optimize the network speed, based on the activity being performed: playing, working, studying. In addition, the home automation security system can be profiled to prevent involuntary interactions with the app and voice commands.
  • Kids & Security
    Providing not just a firewall and antivirus to surf in peace, NeXXt also offers specific features to help parents create the right experience for their families, adding filters for minors and monitoring connections within their homes.
  • Smart Assistance
    NeXXt monitors and automates the network settings to optimize its performance in a constant and autonomous way. At any time, you can request a measurement of your browsing speed, and in the event of problems, the user is directed to the right solution through a few guided steps.
  • Digital Wellness    
    The ecosystem provides users with suggestions aimed at improving their Digital Wellness: by managing and balancing the hours they spend online, it can send notifications to help them monitor and educate themselves in their daily lives and in that of their children.
Mobile representation of core and customisable digital services: Profile Management, Kids & Security and Digital Wellness.
Tablet display of Fastweb service interface and network management
Overview of the NeXXt app represented on mobile phones

Alexa, how fast is my connection?

We designed the vocal experience by defining new interaction patterns for the voice channel and the new Fastweb skill, with specific product features and digital services.

The main Internet Box and the Booster are both equipped with microphones and speakers. Users can take advantage of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant to actively interact with their internet connection: from turning on Wi-Fi to activating a specific personal setting.

To do that, we have developed more than 30 different features, in a matrix containing all the variables of dialogs, rules, intents developer console, slot type developer console, Alexa NeXXt answers. The goal was to achieve full integration with complex actions involving different smart objects, through a single voice command.

Simulating the vocal experience with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant

NeXXt is an expression of values

NeXXt's Digital Brand Identity was created as an extension of its experience design. Born as a sub-brand to reach a younger and more digital customer base, NeXXt is the result of a combination of color contrasts and typographies, adding purple to the color palette to stand out from the existing brand.

The stylistic features identified have been applied to the entire ecosystem and through a friendly tone of voice, we have also increased the readability and clarity of information and communications with particular emphasis on the services interface components.

Icons and colour contrasts in NeXXt's Digital Brand Identity
Graphic representation on posters of the friendly tone of voice of NeXXt
Technological innovation, trasparency and sustainability.

The core values ​​of the project are also the pillars of a communication in continuous transformation, and become the starting points to evolve and expand the sphere of the brand's story, also in the product packaging and in its unboxing experience.

A progressive discovery of the product, made of emotional steps inserted within an engaging narrative, is capable of making users autonomous in the installation, giving them the awareness that the materials have been carefully chosen for their social and environmental sustainability.

Overview of elements created for the brand, product packaging and the unboxing experience

From experience to go-to-market

The values expressed through NeXXt also continue beyond its brand identity, they are deeper and mark a radical change in which connectivity becomes experience. A real paradigm shift where the rate is no longer the cornerstone of the offer, but the Internet Box is, along with all the accessories the users may need.

As a first step for this evolution into a Product Driven Company we analyzed and all the consumer digital properties, to create a new promotional page dedicated to the product, including and integrating all the "wireline" offers into the architecture.

The new generation passes from NeXXt, as well as the organic traffic of the website, to increase the conversion and the customer experience with the best possible combination of devices, services and connectivity.

Product promotion page interface

NeXXt projects have not only defined the standard for upcoming Fastweb services, but have evolved a corporate paradigm based on a rate offering. The Internet Box is the heart of an entire ecosystem of devices and services designed to immerse the customer in the connectivity experience of the future.

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Fastweb people on the project

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