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We’ve improved the way more than 1,996,000 people feed and keep their passion for sports alive.

We’ve improved the way more than 1,996,000 people feed and keep their passion for sports alive.


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Gazzetta dello Sport

A new digital offer to get all sport lovers involved

Gazzetta dello Sport is the most prestigious European sports newspaper. Every day since 1892, it feeds the craving of millions of sports fans in Italy and around the world.

The goal was ambitious: to improve the adoption rates of all the contents and services that Gazzetta dello Sport offers, redefining and integrating its user experience. A challenge consistent with the newspaper’s promise to its readers in the issue no.1: to keep pace with the times, to foresee, to arrive.


We’ve created a physical and digital ecosystem that engages users in a fluid and seamless reading experience by increasing the value and quality of sports information.

The redesigned service puts people’s passion for sports at its core, focusing on their desire to be always updated, adapting to different contexts of use, allowing participation and debate in order to get higher quality content.

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Sports, always and everywhere

In the world of publishing, both speed and  news reachability are essential, but in the world of sports, every single event determines and changes people’s behaviour.

The Gazzetta experience turns a sports fan into a real protagonist of his favorite discipline, with a constant emphasis on passion, on the vital desire to discuss and debate, interacting with the editorial staff and other fans.

The daily newspaper follows the users from device to device, feeding the passion throughout the day with a mix of editorial, multimedia, and interactive contents.

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Printed or online, the Gazzetta experience is one

We’ve unified the visual and the editorial languages of the Gazzetta brand, putting them into a new digital form to make the Gazzetta experience consistent and immediately recognizable as online as on paper.

The interface and interaction adapt to all devices in order to offer the greatest freedom to all sports fans always, whatever the context of use.

A continuous exchange in the sport universe

All the contents are designed to invite the users, toward micro-interactions, to get in touch with other readers and the editorial staff, thus becoming an actual communication tool that benefits from audience participation and increase the quality of user-generated content. 

The page layout invites users to explore the abundance and variety of sports featured. From soccer to sailing, whatever the user may be interested in is there and is easily accessible.

Gazzetta dello Sport reinforced its new digital experience across all its touchpoints by extending the project to app for mobiles, tablets, and TV and integrating the various communities of into one strong consistent reality.

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