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Better payment, better being

Flowe helps you achieve personal well-being and future goals by educating you to manage your resources in a sustainable way.

Flowe helps you achieve personal well-being and future goals by educating you to manage your resources in a sustainable way.


Fintech & Insurtech




Banca Mediolanum

Sustainable well-being beyond banking

To face a generational transition, Banca Mediolanum has decided to create an autonomous entity disconnected from the Bank with the aim of approaching a younger target (part of the Millennials and Generation Z). In order to do this, the focus has been put on aspects that are now close to young people: eco-sustainability, education towards key aspects in the resources management, sociability and having everything at hand.


The result has materialized in the creation of a Benefit Corporation, Flowe, that through new technologies and the PSD2 regulation is able to provide new services beyond banking and new experiences, starting from the needs of people; a lifestyle companion that, by knowing its users, accompanies them in their daily lives and in their path of personal growth.

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Built around people’s needs

After a series of analysis, we came to the conclusion that more than a matter of age, it was necessary to focus on the need for a condition which, on an a scale from dependence to the possibility of accumulation, is halfway between dependence and subsistence, characterized by uncertainty for the future and economic insecurity.

Flowe has therefore become a "Companion app" that allows people to plan their future and learn to reach short and long term goals; these needs emerged during the research phase and allowed us to build the minimum subset of functionalities (MVP) close to people’s expectations.

Innovation is business + experience

From the definition of the target and Flowe’s value proposition, we have supported the company in creating a product that stands out from the market in terms of visual appearance, language (by creating a unique vocabulary and a distinctive identity for the chatbot) and experience in compliance with the PSD2 rules.

Many of the choices that led us to the app's first release were guided by combining what had value for business (e.g. increasing the acquisition of new customers) with what had value for people, and the complexity of implementation.

  • Fast onboarding even for kids under 18
    Account subscription through the least number of steps possible, while remaining compliant with the current regulations also related to PSD2.
  • Easy management and consciousness of your money
    Fast payments, management of shared expenses and creation of common funds in a simple and guided way while maintaining a high level of security.
  • Analysis of behaviors to educate about savings
    Awareness of own consumption to reduce environmental impact, with targeted suggestions to improve savings practices.
  • Rewards to encourage virtuous user behavior
    Gamification system (badges, points, levels, gems) to encourage positive behavior (pro safety, eco, well-being).
  • Planning of expenses and shared savings objectives
    Creation of personal or shared savings wallets to achieve a personal or common goal by planning your future expenses.
  • Contents and tips to improve well-being
    Interactive videos and courses to develop personal well-being and challenges to motivate people to have less impact on the planet. 

Continuous improvement through user feedback

During the project we managed a design backlog in the shared environment of the internal team (Azure DevOps) with about 540 user stories, design flows, wireframes, mockups and design systems of over 200 elements to optimize the development times.

We collaborated closely with the Development team and created over 30 interactive prototypes that we tested with 70 users in iterative Agile Test cycles in order to increase the usability of the product and exceed people's expectations.

Design grows within

By closely collaborating with the internal team and through Participatory Design techniques, we supported Flowe in building a Design Unit in four months (including Hiring), to internalize the skills needed to autonomously manage the next product evolution (6 people overall).

We co-created the Hiring model by reducing the risk of temporary or insecure hiring, trained the internal team on Agile practices, methods and tools and we defined a scalable work model from design to development to reduce waste and optimize investments.  

A design-driven complexity management

To create an economically sustainable ecosystem, we have supported the company in defining the partner integration model in line with their business objectives and their new value proposition.

We have also accelerated decision-making processes by collaborating with over 20 external partners and suppliers to anticipate possible risks and constraints related to product design, and to avoid reviewing the design with consequent additional costs.

Flowe spreads the idea that a different and sustainable way of banking and managing savings is possible when people and their aspirations are at the very center of the project. The challenge of a generational transition is turned into an educational path for younger and virtuous people who need a daily companion.

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