As in store, so online

A satisfying online shopping experience.

A satisfying online shopping experience.


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From digital to physical

The whole shopping and brand experience offered by Paul&Shark has been first analyzed and then declined in a new digital environment by designing a new customer journey for the customer and the shopkeeper.


Hence, new models of purchasing and services for the end customer have been defined through collaborative activities with the stores network.


Paul&Shark has set up a digital transformation process to offer its customers an online shopping experience as satisfying as the one in store. The design of a digital ecosystem empowers the sales force and drives the customer from the digital environment to the physical one.

Worldwide experience-research

We conducted a field study to observe how people discover and choose their clothes, how they evaluate them, and how they interact and explore the surrounding physical space to find what they’re looking for. We’ve also been in crucial retail districts in New York and Milan to run a Service Safari: observation, shadowing and direct testing of the latest technology applied to 27 different high-end stores.

Communication as a digital hint

The whole communication strategy is set to exploit the touchpoints and direct the potential customer to the e-commerce platform, even for the physical experiences: online the customers can, at first, purchase their clothes, but also book a number of micro-experiences to live in physical stores. 

To exceed the standards of global retail realities, Paul&Shark evolved its digital and physical touchpoints to take good care of the loyal customers, and reach a new target of prospects to attract in its network of stores.

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