For a Public Administration that actually serves citizens

We helped our client structure the transition towards a system of public services and institutions designed around the citizens and stakeholders’ needs, giving birth to and growing a brand new corporate unit.

We helped our client structure the transition towards a system of public services and institutions designed around the citizens and stakeholders’ needs, giving birth to and growing a brand new corporate unit.


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Shaping the organizational model around people

Our client provides IT consulting services for the Italian Public Administration, thus designing and developing the technological core of services used by millions of Italian citizens, significantly determining their quality of life and work.

By introducing customer experience management methodologies, we defined a brand new business unit - the Customer eXperience Management Unit - together with a path for renovation and development of public products and services, creating a consistent relationship between Citizens and Public Administration.


The Customer eXperience Management (CMX) Unit has been defined and set up to steer a new digital transformation of the company. The main objective of this unit is to develop new human-oriented services of products for citizens and internal stakeholders, such as public officers. 

The Unit, well-rooted in the organizational structure, has been created from scratch and we went along with the client helping them define the internal culture, the tools and practices that suited best, the key figures involved as well as outlining the hiring process. The CMX unit serves as an internal lab and a strong point of contact with the Italian design community. 

We are also supporting the client in the development of various types of priority projects as a workforce, thus enhancing the unit's value delivery while also ensuring the dissemination of the design practices within the company and the consistency of the outcomes.

new practices
strategic frameworks
new professional roles
products & services (re)designed together

Delivering design value in its wholeness

We currently support the unit from designing interaction details of digital and physical solutions, to defining the strategic vision of products and services, while also providing design education to other organisational units and even enlarging the unit’s offering with educational activities for external stakeholders such as partners and Ministries.

User research nurtures human-centered design

Appropriate context research is essential to collect information and data to nurture an authentic human-centered design process. Several research activities about the internal processes helped our client understand how to improve their systems and practices. At the same time, research on the citizens’ experience guided us in filling the gap between users’ expectations and the actual services.

Technology is an enabler

The company shifted from a tech-centric approach to one that has the users at the centre of the project, hence evolving the role of technologies that become enablers of solutions.

We have guided our client toward a cultural transition, a mindset change aimed at user-centred projects.

Design practices are a collaborative tool

Dynamic and complex project contexts require continuous alignments between the stakeholders involved. We helped the institution build a new operating framework to face future challenges.

Moreover, the Unit adopted a learn-by-doing approach aimed at fostering a new internal culture through design-related activities to facilitate the decision-making process.

Finally, a new way of sharing knowledge has been achieved thanks to the introduction of agile practices, iterative project management, participatory design, workshops and testing approaches. 

Towards a consistent relationship with the Institutions

A systemic vision on all our client’s different projects allows a smoother relationship between the institutions and the citizens, thus obtaining an enhanced customer experience.

Defining a service as part of a larger ecosystem enables our client to work more efficiently.

Real change and innovation start from within. By redesigning their internal organizational and operational models, our client is now able to offer an enhanced service experience to all its users.

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