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Sky aimed to offer a complete service to its customers: Sky Wifi integrates on-demand TV bundles and broadband in one offering.

Sky Wifi Pod and integrated internet connection

Sky aimed to offer a complete service to its customers: Sky Wifi integrates on-demand TV bundles and broadband in one offering.


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An end–to–end customer experience for the Sky Wifi service

The project was structured on a service design–driven and customer–centric approach to define the end–to–end experience for Sky Wifi, starting from the moment the customers get to know the service to the moment they leave it.
Unlike other telcos, we started up the design process by raising the experience curve beyond the moment of activation, providing customers with a meaningful and unique experience, punctuated by wow-moments throughout the entire journey.

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Sky started up a new business and designed a product and service from scratch, integrating it into the existing Sky TV offer in order to bring an E2E experience to their customers. Our Design Team represented the Customer Voice between different work tables granting the coherency, consistency and quality of the Customer Experience throughout all the different touchpoints.

From design ideation to design advisory

The designers’ role changed over time, following the service implementation and project needs step by step. From the very beginning, the design team was in charge of the customer experience memorability and consistency.

The first milestone to accomplish was to conceive the customer experience: by following a design–driven approach, we aimed to deliver the best experience ever compared to competitors. 

Once the customer experience was entirely designed and endorsed by the project stakeholders, the designers were in charge of ensuring customer experience consistency throughout the service implementation process until its market launch.

Design teams show customer experience mapping

Mappings to build the Sky Wifi backbone

The design team evolved the customer journey maps over time and turned them into an operational and dialogical tool that not only provided stakeholders with a better understanding of the customer needs, but also empowered business decisions through a series of insights gathered from all the sources involved.

The mappings allowed an overview of the full-service experience throughout the different touchpoints and were constantly updated, therefore becoming a real DNA map of the service. Eventually, they supported the Agile development of all processes and technological assets required.

Overview of the evolution of customer journey maps during the project

High-level mapping

Customer journey maps to-be that depicted the ideal E2E experience of the customer, based on all best-in-class benchmarks on the market, and “Wow moments” that are micro experience enhancers to surprise the users.

Mid/low-level mapping

Multichannel journeys 
breaking down the CJs and deepening the level of requisition among all the touchpoints (digital, direct, retail).

Overview main moments of the Sky Wifi experience

Expect the unexpected with a full-cases user journey

From happy to unhappy paths, every possible customer situation has been explored and tracked down. 

Starting from the extreme corner cases and considering outer happenings, like weak signal in complex houses, together we managed to transform issues into opportunities, so the signal booster became an important VAS in specific journeys.

Several customer clusters have been taken into account, from the sat-TV prospects, plus the ones with on-demand contents, to the commercial activities subscriptions: for all of them, the Sky Wifi experience is complete.

Sky Wifi Pod device

Sky Wifi Pod
Product design by Sky and its partners
Experience design by Sketchin

Teaming up at a crucial stage: launch and implementation

As soon as the service was closer to the market launch, the Design Team assisted the roll-out of the different releases, supporting the consultancy team in charge of the UAT and staff trials, and the development team.
 A qualitative survey framework for the trial was developed, aiming at assessing and ensuring the expected level of quality throughout the journey of the customer, including all the available touchpoints - digital, direct and retail. 

A number of pain points were highlighted in the elaboration of the survey, leading to the improvement of the experience and consequent iteration.

Designer in the design phase of the Customer Journey printed on paper
Laptop design of Sky Wifi customer journey
Designers and Sky stakeholders teamed up for the whole project in the so-called CJ Studio. 

Together, we shaped each step of the new experience, exchanging knowledge, know-how and design methodologies, finally triggering a significant cultural change in the company.

Designers represented the Customer Voice on all the project streams; they participated to reviews and meetings, collecting all the information on mappings and documents shared between the stakeholders, including the Digital Factory, the Content Factory and an array of Consultancy agencies (among them Bip).

Overview customer journey of some steps of the new designed experience

Sky wanted to bring the first integrated and seamless Broadband-TV service 
in Italy. We teamed-up together to co-design Sky Wifi, and became the guarantors of a top-notch Customer Experience, monitoring, mapping and contributing to the creation of a new company culture.


weekly iterations
Sketchin team designers
stakeholders involved
trials survey questions
mt of recycleble printed CJ

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